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Classical Strings Inc was established in California in 2005. Over the years, Classical Strings has built up a family of experienced craftsmen who are passionate about instrument making and restoration.

Classical Strings offer a variety of string instruments, some are made in China , some are assembled and finished in the States and some instruments and bows are from Italy and Germany.

Our Mission statement: To provide the highest quality instruments to both amateur and professional musicians, with attention to customer satisfaction and service.

Our portfolio includes many different string instruments ranging from violins and violas to cellos and basses. Each instrument type has a variety of sizes and levels suitable for both young learners and experienced professionals.

(Each instrument is hand-made and hand-finished under the supervision of European-trained masters using the highest quality materials aged to perfection, and are set up by professionals in our L.A. workshops.)

(All instruments made by classical strings are Trademarked by the United States Patent and Trademark Office)


You guys were amazing! I am in the band and play the flute but watching you guys reminded me of my band and all my friends. Orchestra is so beautiful to listen to and I've never seen it done with choreography too! That was great! Can't wait to see more of you guys, you're so amazing. ~ Abby


Look! The outstanding performance from the children of Los Angeles Children’s Orchestra!

Listen! The magnificent music from all the instruments provided solely and exclusively by our company – The Classical Strings, USA.



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